If you are a man/woman with conditions like kidney infection, kidney stones or UTIs, then you should pay attention to this;

Because a Research recently made by scientists now shows the most natural way to get rid of all kinds of kidney problems.


A research proven by the National Library of medicine, journal of American society of nephrology

Dear friend,


If you are worried about your kidney infection.


Probably you have tried several antibiotics and treatments recommended by your doctor.


Or you have been looking for a natural way to get rid of kidney infections.


The secret may be hiding in two fruits.


Let me explain.


Research recently discovered by scientists has shown that in the kidney there are cells that act like the white blood cells that help to fight infections that attack the body.


But these cells are only meant for the kidney, they are meant to fight specifically, infections that affect the kidneys.


These cells are called intercalated cells of the kidney.


And you can call them the white blood cells of the kidney.


This study has been published by top medical research publications like the National Library of Medicine.

And even the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Now, what these two fruits do is strengthen these intercalated cells to help fight against these infections.

Just like during vaccination, where you are given vaccines to help strengthen the immune system to fight infections that attack the body.

Imagine being free from the pain and discomfort that comes from the infected kidney.

Imagine being finally free from the burning sensation you experience during urination.

Imagine being free from those antibiotics that do not work anyway.

All these are now possible, all thanks to these fruits.

And do you know the best part? 

You can harness the power of these fruits without having to eat them.

I will show you how in a moment.

And also the bioactive compounds in these fruits.

But first…

Allow me to tell you the story of one of my clients.

It’s a very special one and one you would really love to listen to.

My name is Paul. And I have been practicing medicine as a nephrologist for over 15 years now.

I have treated all kinds of patients with kidney issues.

Some were completely healed with conventional drugs, some had to go through surgeries, some were later placed on dialysis, and some couldn’t make it all.

My practice over the years has been superb until I developed a kidney infection myself.

It all started when I began to feel this painful and burning sensation in my urethra during urination.

I started to experience a fishy-smelling urine, blood in my urine and I started to urinate frequently.

That was when I started to suspect I might have a urinary problem.

I went for a test and that was how I was diagnosed with pyelonephritis(kidney infection).

Now I am in the shoes of my patients, I tried the several medications I used to recommend to my patients.

The antibiotics and all, but none seemed to give me lasting relief.

Most just work for a while. They relieved me of the symptoms temporarily and after some time they came back stronger.

It was then I started to look out for other natural remedies out there.

Because obviously, conventional medicine has failed me.

Then the day everything changed for me.

I was in my sitting room that evening, watching some comedy skits on my Facebook when I came across some new natural remedy that helps with kidney infections.

This ad caught my attention and I became interested in it, so I decided to read more about it.

I did some research on it and it made sense to me that I decided to give it a try.

I placed an order for it and I used it based on the instructions.

Lo and behold, after 3 months of using this natural solution.

I was free of the symptoms of the infection I used to feel.

I went in for another test and it confirmed I am free from any infection in the kidney.

It was like magic to me.

It’s been 2 years now since this miracle happened to me and not for once I experience any of those infection symptoms.

And now I even recommend this solution to my patients.

  • Dr. Paul Odiase


I will reveal what this natural solution consisting of bioactive compounds from two fruits is, in a moment.


But first, I need you to understand this.


You have probably tried some antibiotics, and one thing you might have noticed is that these antibiotics don’t work.


Or at least they only provide temporary relief.


I just want to let you know that those antibiotics don’t work anymore.


You should stop using them as soon as possible because they are doing more harm than good.


You may be asking, why is it that they don’t work anymore?


I will explain, without going deep into chemistry.


The first antibiotics were first discovered in the year 1928 and they were used effectively in destroying most bacterial infections.


But unfortunately, most bacterial infections have now evolved and are now resistant to these antibiotics.


So you may have noticed that the antibiotics recommended by your doctor have only been giving you temporary relief.


It means the kidney has been infected by this resistant bacteria.


And you should stop immediately because if you continue, the infection only becomes more resistant and therefore more chronic.


And can lead to complications like;


  • Kidney abscess.


  • Blood poisoning. 


  • Severe infection. 


  • Kidney failure

These are very deadly complications and I do not want them for you.

This is why I am recommending this natural solution to you.

Now, let me go straight into showing what these fruits are.

First on our list is…


Also called pears are well known for their medicinal use against kidney infections like kidney stones.

And that’s because they contain malic acid and citrate.

Malic acid and citrate are the main bioactive compounds in pears.

And because of their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been shown that they help strengthen the intercalated cells of the kidney to help fight against kidney infection.

Significant amounts of Malic acid and citrate are only actively present in young fresh pears after harvest.

Meaning the ones sold at the store cannot be as effective as you need them to be.

And even if you can get this pear while it is young and fresh.

You would also need to consume the right dosage of Malic acid and citrate.

Which is a must if you want to tackle these kidney infections.

Now, the main question is;

How do you get the right doses and quantity?

Do you remember when I said you don’t have to eat these fruits to harness the power of these bioactive compounds?

Well, I mean it and I will explain later.

But first, you need to know the #2 fruit on our list.


Garcinia kola commonly known as black Kola is known for its medicinal potential against kidney infections.


And that’s because it contains a special antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compound called kolaviron.


And just like the Pyrus Communis, the kolaviron is the important compound that you need for your kidney infection.


Not the bitter kola itself.


And you need it in the right doses and quantity.


So now the main question is,


How do you get these bioactive compounds in the correct doses for your kidney?


Because your friends at Hamzat Herbal Ventures are here to help.


We decided to become a world leader in creating a solution for this problem that could be used by folks who desire to improve their health.


Hamzat Herbal Ventures has built a reputation for finding innovative health solutions in nature – solutions that are backed by extensive research.


And with that reputation, we have built industry relations that allow us to find and source premium herbs that are not available in the most stores 


And now…


We have created a revolutionary solution for millions of people with an enlarged prostate.


This solution is the first of its kind, created to reverse all kinds of kidney infections with powerful bioactive compounds from two fruits we named it…


Introducing lifecare kidney tea

It contains the clinically tested amount of Malic acid and citrate and kolaviron.


No shopping at the local fruit store is necessary.


And you don’t have to eat these fruits too.


Everything your kidney needs, all in one sachet.


Imagine a few months from now,


You are now free from the pain and discomfort you feel around your lower belly area.


No more frequent visits to the toilet that interrupt your sleep.


No more restrictions on what you should eat and not eat.


No more fatigue and unnecessary tiredness.


This could be you in a few months from now.


If only you give the district Lifecare kidney tea a try.

So how much does this cost?

You see because you have done us the courtesy of reading this up to this point, I believe you deserve a gift at least.

And that’s why we would be offering you a discount right here on this page.

One month supply = (2 pack)  was #25,000  Now #17,500

Two months’ supply = (4 pack) was #35,000 Now #27,500

Three months supply = (6 packs) was #45,000 Now #37,500

(I always recommend you start at least with two months’ supply because it will take more than a month to start seeing noticeable changes)

And that’s not even all,

We also have a free gift for you, on every package of distinct lifecare kidney tea that you purchase.

On every package of the distinct lifecare kidney tea that you purchase. 

You get two free ebooks;

  • Ebook on home remedies: This ebook contains home remedies that consist of easily accessible ingredients that can be used to improve kidney problems and promote well-being.

This ebook alone costs #10,000 but you would be getting it for free once you place an order.

  • Ebook on dos and don’t for Kidney patients: This contains what you should do and do when you are treating your kidney infections. 

This will help improve the condition of your kidney and promote faster healing.

This ebook is valued at #10, 000 but you would also be getting it for free when you place an order.

You see, we are very confident that the district Lifecare kidney tea will work for you.

But for some reason, you might not be as convinced as we are.

This is why we also offer a 60 days money-back guarantee.


Meaning that, if after 60 days of using the district Lifecare kidney tea and for whatever reason, you are not happy with our product.


You can call our customer care service number and complain.


And we would give you back your full money, completely, without any questions asked.


At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose.


So why not take a chance now?

Place your order now.

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